AniMatch: Animal Matching Game App Reviews

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Very nice memory game

Its a nice memory game including funny animal sounds! My boys like it so much, its sometimes hard to get my iPhone back. The price is ok!

Great Fun!

My Kids (age 3 and 6) love this game!


Toll hat viel Spass gemacht!

nice sport

Macht süchtig!


Really nice game for young and old.


This is a fun little game. My 18 month old daughter absolutely loves it too! She can easily play it and gets so excited when she makes a match. This is a must if you have small kids!

Fun game for toddlers

My 3-year old son loves this game. Even his older sister has a blast of fun although it is short-life. The game needs to introduce some game modes. For starter, add a mode to match pairs with all open cards, so some toddlers can learn matching pair prior to memory. It will be great if the developer can create a total different theme like mighty-machine match, boys love it!

Very well done

Excellent execution of classic game by someone who has obviously watched and understood how kids play. "Mistake proof" UI ensures that kids dont get stuck in weird modes or screens. Simple yet engaging graphic and audio.

Good for toddlers and travel

Good visual and sounds, but definitly needs more levels. Easier and harder. I wish it will come soon and my son too!...

AniMatch Levels

Would like to see some less demanding levels with bigger icons. This should help little ones succeed sooner, stay interested and touch the larger icons more with ease.


Great game. My three year old loves it!

Best matching game 4 kids

My 3 yr old has been playing this for over a yr and still loves it. I tried another mtaching game but it didnt measure up to animatch. Thanks and pls keep up adding new animals.


Best game for kids available for the iPhone. Ages 1 up! Excellent sound and animation. Works very well.

Great game

A very well done, fun game. My kids love it. The animal sounds are great.


I was hoping to show this to my 2.5 year old...he loved the the sounds but its a bit advanced....HOWEVER, I play it all the time!! Id suggest for a 3 yr old and up, and DEFINITELY any adult, this is a real gem! New animals added, cute art, great sounds that help you remember, and an awesome version of that classic Concentration game....Im constantly trying to beat my best time! AWESOME.

Awesome game

I cant understand the overall rating of 2 stars when almost every review is giving this app 5 stars. Anyways, this is an awesome app for the kids. My 5 yr old and 3 yr old love it. They love the pictures and sounds. They are always asking me if they can play the matching game.


My almost-2 year old daughter LOVeS animatch! So cute, and everyone can see smart she is. Now I have to make sure I know where she puts daddys iPhone. Great while Im running an errand with baby in tow.

Love it

My daughter (23 months old) loves this game. It gives her patents time to look at the menu in a restaurant. UPDATE: she is now 27 months and still loves it. And Christmas match.

Great toddler game

My 2 year old just loves this game. Highly recommended!

Great fun

Kids love it and Ill admit its my guilty pleasure too!

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